Wednesday, 4 September 2013


tadi kann i went to surau. then adalah sorang budak perempuan( form 1 maybe) datang tegur.
'kakak aimyy. kakak ade blog eh?' and i was like 'ehh hi. ade ade mana tahu ni?'
'sometime kita baca blog akak' and i 'ehhe yeke. alamakk ade orang baca malu nyee hihihihi' then i gave her a smiled :)
she's quiet interested girl i think. thanks for read my blog adik comel.
so back to the topic.
friendship is the purest love. it's the highest form of love where nothing is asked for, no condition, where one simply enjoys giving.
life is a funny thing. it twists and turns and in the bad times, it's just breaks and burns.
but as you getting older, you just live and learn to shrug your shoulders.

im mature enough to look past many things. mature enough to respect others that have little respect to me.
because i believe that everything i do, Allah will see. He will see the good in me.
that no matter how much people talk about me. hate me. belittle me. doubt me. hurt me. or betray me.
that im mature enough to forgive them.

that im mature enough to look past all their flaws.
because i believe we all sin and we are far from perfect.
that i have to forgive myself and forgive others around me.
i'll never stop being who i am. i'll continue to care for people and be a friend.
because i know that Allah will not let that be unnoticed. that He will see.
i believe in people, the good in people.

friendship isn't something we learn in school. but if we haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.

i know that im not the greatest, im not the most talented, or have the most things, but i'll be there until you find someone who can do more for you.

that's who i am, the friend that's always there until something better comes along.

so my dear friends. please forgive me if i did something that make you hurt intentionally or unintentionally.
*for 4 topaz. 4 ratna. 4 zamrud. 4 permata dan semua batch 97 mostly hihi :')

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