Sunday, 1 February 2015


assalamualaikum earthlings.

when i was a very little kid gituu i kept thinking hows my world to be.
i mean in the future nanti. is it would be different or otherwise.
and sometimes i might think that maybe i will never be in the world anymore before i reach thirteen years old.
and every night i would cry and cry in the bedroom or under a desk alone because im afraid it's gonna be right and im gonna die in a young age.
the first time i step my foot into the secondary school im feeling so small.
im afraid someone will offend me or bully me or doing something doesnt right on me.
i know who i am. i know my abilities in everything which i can do and can not do.
and plus i know im not that genius ordinary genius girl which can get everyone's attentions in academics or in uniform's activities also.
you know, in this young age. i learned many things about this world and how it works on people.
we need to be tolerance person. this life ada give and take. sebab sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down.
nobody know about their future looks like. and i  never thought that i would maybe die within a young age.
im afraid if i will never wake up from sleep but i can see my body laying in the bed and see my lovely dearest person are crying watching me wearing a white dresse. i just cant.
as a humble small tiny human, i believe Allah's fate.
if i die young, thats mean Allah doesnt want me to do sins anymore.
if i die sooner, thats mean Allah gives me another chances to improve myself of being a good muslim.
and if Allah makes my life so difficult and it's not easy for me to handle it by my own, or maybe i get sick one day, thats mean Allah wants me to perform solat and keep berdoa to Him.
just stay positive.

Allah loves me. Allah loves all of us. and what else we can do? Love Allah.

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