Saturday, 7 September 2013


when i was 5 years old, i had my first best friend. her name was teddy.
at that time, my parents were busy. i used to cried a lot.
one day, when my dad come back home from work, he gave me teddy.
he said, ' from now on, teddy will take care of you whenever we're not home. she will protect you from the monsters in your bedroom like i always did. she also will hug you whenever you get scared like mother always did'
he smiled and go to bed.

from that day, we used to do things together, like ride bikes, sit in the grass and talk and reads stories.
she will listen to my stories quietly until the end of it.
we had so much fun over the years.

but after awhile, my stupid brother wrestling her and she got thorn up.
when that happened i would sew her back together.
i pretended that she was having surgery.
and when she got out surgery i would set her in a bed and i mad her to recover in.

when she got out of hospital i would be so happy.
i would grab her out her bed and take her outside and talk to her in the trees.
when the beautiful sun would set we would lay in the grass and watch it until it was dark and we had to come in for dinner.

one day when i came home from school went straight to my room to get teddy and tell her about my day while i was doing my homework.
but when i got there she wasn't there.
i looked everywhere.
i asked my mom if she had seen my teddy and she said no.
by the end of the day i never found her.
i looked day and night. but at nights when i used to cry myself to sleep in my dark room alone and scared that the monsters would get me and i asked myself,
..........will i ever see my very small, white, special friend again??

and if one day, i got kids of my own. i'll be coolest mom ever.
i'll tell them a story how my first life starts and end.
i'll remind them that life is not as easy as they think.
what's done is done. what's gone is gone.
on of life's lessons is always moving on.
it's okay to look back and think of fond memories but keep moving forward.

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