Saturday, 14 September 2013



if someone ask me why in world i would love you, i'll say..

'dia buat aku gelak, waktu aku rasa aku dah tak mampu nak senyum'
and he don't even need to be in front of me to do that so.
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you see..
you're so special to me and i can't even explain why.
and you said i'm special too,
and thanks for treating me like one.

i just want to find the right words to tell you that i want to move on, i want to be happy, i want to let you go.
but, i'm still trying to figure out where we went wrong.
when did it all fall apart?
i really believed that this was something worth fighting for, but somewhere along the way i was proven wrong.
i think what's worse than loosing someone, is not knowing why you lost them,
and i honestly don't know how and when do i lost you?
there's going to be weak days where i lay there and cry at the mistake i made.
i'll regret losing you, go through your pictures that i still have saved and punish myself for ruining everything we had.
i'll try to avoid texting you,
either by deleting you number or thinking of how utterly blunt you are when you reply.

there will also be days where i feel strong.
i feel as if i can move on, i don't to talk to you and even thinking of you just reminds me of how much yo're holding me back.
the days where i feel i'm done with you and i don't care anymore.
But i do.
and even though i know i'm not completely moved on, i do know that i'm getting stronger everyday and soon i will be happy again.
i'll not forget those memories that we've created.
memories never die.
but i'm sorry i'm letting you go. this doesn't mean that i was gave up,
but thanks for giving me a chance for having someone which is more better than you.
i just want to show without you, i can be happy too.


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