Thursday, 13 March 2014



strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers.
-ctnsakinah's facebook status

Gone. | via Tumblr

truth is..
yes i miss our talks. i miss our jokes. i miss sharing stories with you. i miss to play games together. everything when we were best friend.
then we were being strangers with no reason.
both of us just being silent.
even in fact, we could see each other in school.

i admit, it's hurt seeing you have a good and fun day with your new best friends.
and i was thought that maybe you didn't mind pun if i just disappear, fade from your life.
just because i can see your smile on your face every time you were having a great moment with your new best friends.

and yesterday,
you sent me a text and saying that i keep avoiding you, i made you feel like a loser.
it's me? it's my fault?
it's NOT.
just because i'm just being silent that's mean i'm avoiding you?
i keep trying to have a good relation with you even with a simple chat.
and you, act like you never care and blame me and keep saying that i was wrong.

and when it's my turn asking you why you're avoiding me.
you said that you were pressure on me and want to make my life easier somehow.
i'm sorry if i treating you like one.
didn't mean to pressure you honestly.

i know i'm not a good friend to you.
i know i did break your heart into pieces.
i know you were mad and disappointed on me.
i know i was wrong.
forgive me if i offended you.

but in the same time. it's hurt. too hurt to tell you about my feelings. it's a messed.

well, i'll always pray for a better day for you and gonna get another greatest girl-best-friend.
even i know it's hard to get the awesome boy-best-friend the one like you.


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