Thursday, 4 July 2013


Assalamualaikum stalker! (Ya Allah, Semoga Aimy Semakin Bijak)
As everybody knew yang this saturday is sekolah ganti.
Honestly I dont care about it at all tapi I care about what subject that I'll learn soon.
mostly SEJARAH.
As everyone knew I memang lembab gila kalau pasal sejarah nih.
You know, boring gilaa kot and paling taktahan is too much words and facts to remember.
And my Sejarah's teacher kan, the way she teach us seriously sangat laju and I tak dapat nak catch up pun.
Dalam masa 35 minutes the teacher can teach us about 6 or 7 pages. laju kan?
Being form 4 student ni ingat boleh lah happy go lucky. Relax. Realitynya? brr~
Tapi bila fikirkan my future nanti nak taknak kena lah study jugak. *ayat sedih* 
And more critical is Sejarah dah pun jadi mata pelajaran yang wajib. hayooooooooooooo perlu work hard!
Truth be told kan, I'm tired. I'm just tired. I'm tired of waking up to the same routine everyday. Seeing the same people, it's getting old. I'm tired of waking up alone and cold. pushing myself to get out of bed. I'm just tired. that's my excuse.
Kawan makan kawan. Dah macam familiar kan nowadays. Bukan macam tp memang familiar pun.
Dulu at first I read bout kawan makan kawan case ni pun I disagree.
Cause I think if she/he is your friend, of course she/he will not do something that will hurt you isn't?
And now barulah I understand why the word is exist.
Apparently betul lah kat dunia ni ramai betul manusia yang makan kawan dia sendiri.
Base on my experience kan, I've a friend that I think I can trust on her.
Every problems that I had I'd share with her.
Tapi bila dah shared the stories with her, dia bagitahu someone else. Ehh, perlukahh?
Dear friend, I guessed you'd kept this stories secret. Just between you and me.
When you told someone else indirectly synonym lah macam awak malu kan saya.
You know, memang kecil hati lah when person yang you trust revealing your secret to others.
Hm after this sorry to say I'll mind to share something with you.
One promises broken. Sorry and trust on you again mean nothing.
Better mengadu kat Allah. He always be with us.
Tapi honestly thank you lah. At least I know how to make sure which friend is Real and which friend is a Fake.

p/s : makin lama kita hidup ni, makin pelik kita dengan perangai manusia ni kan?

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