Thursday, 11 July 2013


Assalamualaikum earthlings.
Second day of Ramadan. What a tired day.
Have you heard SQS?

Ok. SQS is "Silly Question Syndrome". (calling it silly instead of stupid sebab stupid is too harsh ihik!)
Bet you ever heard of that kan? Well, me neither. I just created that now.
buahahaha (buah + haha? interesting combo if i might say so. okay stop talking nonsense!)

i don't really remember where i saw this, but a while ago. macam ternampak (again i forgot where) a group of girls comparing themselves with random people.
example :

"untunglah dia cantik"

"untunglah dia kaya"

"untunglah tu.. untunglahh ni"

(just for example okay :p)

so back then when i saw these kinds of comments, it's like.. men-downkan me.
kita pula yang down padahal diorang duk sibuk nakkan apa orang lain ada. motif kan?
but see, sedih tu sebab we shouldn't compare.

rezeki diorang mcm tu nak buat mcm mane?
so what if we don't have their rezeki. We're all blessed anyway!
we can read right? else you won't be reading this.
we can see right?
we can eat, taste, talk, we can do so many things!

we are blessed.
we are fortunate enough.
it's time to stop comparing and complaining.anyway, when you compare, chances are you'll become competitive for no good'll forget the rezeki that you already'll become spoil in your own world, wanting and craving for something only you know, and because you cant get it, you'll depressed. and when depression looms, negativity will become part of you.when you complain, you're just wasting your time! lagi lagi time you complain and do nothing about can compare and complain, but there has to be a limit...
 Allah has given us life, the life we're living and is it 'nice' of us if we  wished we can have another person's life?

be grateful. that's all it takes.
not confidence, not arrogance, not make up, not clothes.
nothing of the sort.

just be grateful. maybe it's time to stop all this thing. kita boleh lebihkan Alhamdulillah :)

life is amazing! we are all amazing!
it'll be a waste if you can't see how amazing it is ( because you're too busy comparing and complaining :p)
tak perlu compare, complain or sibukkan hal orang lain. 

if you can, take some time in a day to read Quran :)
insyaAllah you'll learn new things everyday, and together, we share lah! :)

حي على الفلاح
"hayya alal falah"
marilah ke arah kejayaan.

p/s : sorry if i offended anyone. just want to give a friendly reminder :) sometimes we need that right ehek. peace ;)

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