Thursday, 14 November 2013


assalamualaikum love!

dah lama i didn't updating my blog.
well, it was a great and peaceful months for me so far.
there's no annoying person disturbing my life. tak stress and happily ever after alhamdulillah.
maybe sebab dorg tak sibuk sibuk kacau my life kot.
kalau i tahu from the first i dah tukar my blog address tau.

by the way, happy holiday friends!
lepas ni almost sebulan lebih i'll not meet my bestfriends. classmates. teachers and other students too.
i'll mishhhyou guys i swear.
but of course i do miss him. i will miss him. a lot :>

i'll miss his smile. his eyes. his hair. his voice. his hands. his smirk. his teasing. his humour. his weird face. the way his walk. the way his say my name. the way his look. the way his talk. his singing and everything.
there's only be him.
my better half.
the only one.

truth be told,
when you finally meet the right one for you,
it suddenly becomes clear why everyone else was so wrong.

dear better half,
please hug and hold my hands really tight and tell me you love me.
tell me you're glad to be here with me.
tell me everything will be alright and that i make you happy,
and glad to alive.

i'm amazed when i look at you.
not because of your looks,
but because of the fact that everything i have ever wanted is right in front of me.

nothing to say than Alhamdulillah for the happy life i had :)

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